Turfmasters Adults Body Protector

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The ProtecoFlex light, Model 315 conforms to EN13158: 2009, Level 3, published on March 2009, and the BETA Standard
2009, it is CE Marked conforming to PPE directive 89/686/EEC, EC Type examination by ITS Testing Services (UK) Limited
Notified Body number 0362.
Protection offered by a Body Protector
Body protectors offer some protection from impacts suffered as a consequence of falling from horses. Impacts may be against
soft or hard ground or object such as trees, vehicles, posts and rails. Fallen riders and those working with horses can also be
kicked, trodden on or crushed by a horse. Falls from horses involve high levels of energy dissipation. Injuries should be reduced
in severity, but cannot be entirely prevented. Body Protectors do not offer spinal protection or prevent injuries
involving severe torsion, flexion and extension or crushing of the body.

Garment Size and Selecting the Correct Size
Take the measurements A, B, C as shown in the image. 
A – Chest: measured around the largest part of the chest.
B – Waist: measured around the waist above the hips and close to the lower rib.
C – Waist to Waist over the Shoulder: measured from front waist to back waist over the chest and shoulder.
If you are at the top or bottom of a size range for girth, we recommend you try the two closest sizes to establish which
is the most comfortable.
Use the over shoulder measurement to select the garment with the back length most suited to your height and body
proportions. It may be necessary to try on more than one variation to find the best fit. The back of the body protector
should be as long as possible without touching the saddle during riding.
Fitting Instructions
1. Use a tape measure to take your chest and waist measurements.
2. Choose the garment nearest your waist measurements, flex the garment and try it on.
3. It should be worn over light clothing such as a shirt or Tee shirt.
(In cold weather outer garments should be worn over the body protector.
4. Fasten it at the waist ensuring the red warning markers are covered with room for adjustment.
If this is not comfortable try on the sizes above or below to find a better fit.
5. Test the garment is comfortable in all simulated riding positions; ask for the use of a saddle to check the back length.

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