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Mens Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches

by Ariat
SKU 11899-NAVY-28-44
Colour: Navy

The Ariat Men's Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches offer a combination of advanced technologies and features for riders, making them suitable for both in and out of the ring. Here are the key features of these breeches:

  1. Ariat V3 Elastic Panel: These breeches feature an Ariat V3 elastic "V" panel built into the back waistband. This panel offers superior stretch and recovery, ensuring flexibility and comfort while riding.

  2. CFS Calf Fit System: The CFS Calf Fit System provides custom support at the calf and ankle, alleviating pressure points and friction. This feature is crucial for a comfortable and secure fit during riding.

  3. Moisture Movement Technology: The breeches incorporate Ariat's Moisture Movement Technology, which helps keep the rider drier by wicking away moisture and regulating temperature.

  4. Ariat Silicone Grip Knee Patch: The Ariat Silicone Grip knee patch is designed to offer optimal grip in the saddle, enhancing control and stability while riding.

  5. ClimateTek Dynamic Temperature Regulation: These breeches use ClimateTek technology to regulate temperature dynamically, ensuring comfort in varying weather conditions.

  6. Mid-Weight Stretch Knit: The fabric of these breeches is a mid-weight stretch knit, which provides flexibility and comfort during riding.

  7. Compression Garment: These breeches act as a compression garment, offering a sleek fit that retains its shape. This compression is not only stylish but can also offer support during riding.

  8. Distinctive Logo Trim: The breeches feature distinctive logo trim, adding to their visual appeal and branding.

  9. Faux Back Flap Pockets: These breeches come with faux back flap pockets, which add to their design but do not compromise performance.

  10. Euro Seat: The inclusion of a Euro seat adds to the style and comfort of the breeches.

The Ariat Men's Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches are expertly engineered to provide a combination of support, comfort, and advanced technologies for riders. These features make them suitable for various equestrian activities, ensuring confidence and performance in the saddle.

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