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For the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets in foals

DIAZORB should be added to the normal feed ration or fed direct. Feed for 3-5 days.

Bentonite - is a gastrointestinal adsorbent recommended to adsorb and neutralise toxins - Binds with water

Pectin - Is a dietary fibre and energy source for cells in gastrointestinal wall. - Stimulates water and colonic sodium retention – important in helping to produce normal stools and counteract dehydration and loss of electrolytes.

FOS & MOS - can increase the number of friendly bacteria in the colon while reducing the population of harmful bacteria.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiaeis live yeast probiotic - Helps re-establish good bacterial populations. - EU authorised digestibility enhancer - optimises utilization of the diet.

Sodium Chloride - Replaces electrolytes lost Dextrose - Energy source during times of gut upsets

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