Sweet Iron Pelham with Lozenge

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A Lozenged Mouth has a oval shaped link in the centre. The lozenge shaped link contours the tongue and forms a true contact. It has 2 joints, which means the pressure of the bit is distributed over both the tongue and bars of the mouth. Because the mouthpiece has two joints, it shouldn’t cause any interference with the roof of the mouth. The Lozenge uses tongue pressure to encourage the horse to go on the bit and lower the head, it has bar and lip pressure but not a ’squeezing’ action like that of a bit with a single joint.

The copper and sweet iron emits a plesant taste that will encourage the horse to soften and salivate.

The Pelham bit has elements of both a Bradoon and a Weymouth and should theoretically be used with 2 reins. The Pelham can also be used with pelham roundings but the actions become less differential. The first rein is attached to the snaffle rein, and the second rein attached to the ring at the bottom of the shank. When the first rein is used the Pelham acts like a hanging cheek snaffle, putting slight pressure on the poll and mouth. When the second rein is brought into play, it increases the leverage and lip pressure and also the curb chain also comes into play.

The curb chain should be fitted so that the curb chain tightens when the second rein is brought into play, but there must be a bit of give so not to tighten up straight away.

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