Rein bows / rein loops


Using the Rein-bow will assist keeping your hand in the right position and give you more strength with less effort.

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We know that proper rein length is of the utmost importance Rein-Bows attach easily to the reins to help maintain proper rein length and to keep the reins from slipping.

Rein-bows are beneficial for :
Young riders and riders with a less powerful grip, the Rein-bows provides more strength for the rider thus giving them more confidence and preventing the horse from pulling the reins from their hands.

The student teacher finds the Rein-bows a very useful accessory, assisting in the position. When the rider's hands are in the correct position, this forces the rider to develop a correct leg position instead of balancing off the horse's neck or mouth. When using Rein-Bows during a lesson, concentrating on your rein length is taken out of the equation and allows the instructor to work on other aspects of your riding.

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