Flexi Loose Ring Mullen Snaffle

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This Mullen Mouth Snaffle's main action is on the bars of the mouth and the horse's tongue, however it is extremely mild and is a perfect first mouthing and ridden bit.

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In stock


 The loose rings allow the horse to move the mouthpiece up and down in their mouth, and the mullen mouth encourages the horse to accept a contact.

The Flexi Mullen Snaffle Bits is made from hi-tech plastic which has been moulded around a core of stainless steel, so the durability of the bit is not compromised. The flexi mouthpiece is 'warmer' than a traditional stainless steel mouthpiece, which encourages acceptance of the bit. For this reason, the flexi mouthpiece is a good choice for younger horses and those with a sensitive mouth.

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