Vetasept Povidone Antiseptic

Vetasept Providone-Iodine Antiseptic Solution is a rapid acting, non-irritating, aqueous Povidone-Iodine solution for the micrbicidal preparation of operative sites. 

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10% iodine based antiseptic solution. A rapid acting, non-irritating, aqueous Povidone- Iodine solution for the microbiocidal preparation of operative sites. Also for the decontamination of broken, infected skin.

Suitable for horses and dogs, Vetasept Povodine-Iodine Antiseptic Solution is effective against a very wide range of bacteria and fungi. The antiseptic solution can be diluted for use on wounds or infected lesions on the skin or on horse hooves. 

Not to be applied to the eye and not to be taken internally.

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