Twydil Hematinic 60g

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Twydil Hematinic is an oral solution to energise, galvanise before exercise and fortify the organism.

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Contributes orally to optimum erythrocyte function. Feed Twydil Hematinic to any horse needing a tonic effect. Particularly useful in case of pale mucosa and general weakness.

  • Particularly useful in case of general weakness
  • Any horses needing a tonic effect
  • To invigorate convalescent horses
  • Ask your veterinary surgeon for other indications

Composition: Sorbitol, vitamin and trace mineral premix, freeze-dried melon, Xanthan gum

Analytical constituents:

Water   50%
Crude oils & fats                          11%
Crude Protein 5.6%
Crude Ash 4.5%
Crude Fibre <1%
Sodium                                                  <1%


Nutritional additives                               per 50g mouth syringe
Vitamin E  4,500mg
Folic acid 1,000mg
Vitamin B1 450mg
Vitamin B6 450mg
Vitamin B12 9,000mg
Biotin  4.5mg
Iron  425mg
Zinc 350mg
Copper  65mg
Manganese 18mg

Feeding instructions

Horses: 1 mouth syringe of 50 g per day for 10 days squeezed onto the horse’s tongue.

Foals: (mouth syringes to be squeezed onto the foal’s tongue) Before weaning: 20 g per day for 10 days After weaning: 20 to 35 g per day for 10 days

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