Tuffrock Foal Plus


Tuffrock Foal Plus is the world's first energized volcanic liquid with bio-available collagen, pathogen absorber and PH stabilizer.

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  • Use as a daily starter with challenged babies & orphans until weaning
  • HIGH DOSE Foal Gastric upsets - incredibly fast, gentle action
  • Helps maintain normal pH for overall wellbeing
  • Naturally supports normal bowel movements
  • Foals absolutely love the taste, low stress
  • Simple one person use easy to syringe

Used & prescribed by leading veterinarians and the largest vet practices in Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Japan

TR recommends if symptoms persist for gastric upsets please seek veterinary advice.


TuffRock Foal Plus is a powerful volcanic liquid digestive aid.

Foal Plus is manufactured from specially selected blends of volcanic alumino silicates with secondary ingredients of volcanic kaolin's, montmorillonite and halloysite. Foal Plus has NIL withholds and contains no drugs, chemical, antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes or heavy minerals.

Why? It is generally regarded that a number of foals or older horses suffer from scours or diarrhoea. This may be caused by nutritional upsets; changes in mares milk after birth; change in feed or water; viruses such as rotavirus; pathogenic bacteria such as ecoli ; or protozoa such as cryptosporidium and coccidiosis. These situations can result in gastric disturbances and upset normal bowel functions.

TuffRock Foal Plus - helps maintain normal bowel function

TuffRock Foal Plus is the choice of breeders throughout Asia, the UK and now in Europe. Foal Plus complements natural development; supports digestion of mare's milk and helps maintain normal physiology during growth phases or environmental changes.

Foal Plus has no added flavours, is quite bland, and foals find it very, very palatable. This means low stress plus less cost because Foal Plus is easily applied by syringe over tongue.


Standard: 1 ml per kg (maximum 100ml)

Number of applications:

Light Course - typically 1 to 2 standard

Mild Course - typically 2 to 4 standard

Full Course - typically 2 to 8 standard

Deliver 12 hourly, morning & evening, accelerated delivery times only under veterinary guidance.


Recommend paste by syringe over tongue.

Deliver minimum 5 minutes before tubing if additional fluids required

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Paste acceptance excellent
  • General well being
  • Normal digestion
  • Normal appetite


Before Use - Please shake the bottle vigorously, the aqueous volcanic tuff has a tendency to settle, recommend regular shaking.

After Use - store with lid on tight and out of direct sunlight.

Technical Assistance: TuffRock always recommends seek veterinary advice where appropriate..

Foal Plus has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Thoroughbred industry with over 5,000 successful applications to date (including 500 foal trials). Foal Plus may be used on all breeds of horses.

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