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Robinson Kool Pal for Horses has been specially designed to treat the tendons of any horse and effectively cooled down after stenuous exercise.

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Robinson Kool Paks for horses are an excellent way to ensure that the legs of the horse can easily, quickly, and effectively be cooled down after strenuous exercise.

Tendon injuries, inflammation, strains, bruises and swellings are all ideal for being treated by Robinson Kool Pak for Horses as this cool pack will make sure that the legs cool down and recover much more quickly than would normally be possible, making this kool pack an excellent choice of cooling solution for the legs of the horse.

The Robinson Kool Pak for Horses is ideal for use at any show, competition, event or simply in any situation that the body of the horse requires quick cooling relief, sure to make the horse recover at a much quicker rate than would normally be possible.

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