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Muscle Dog Liquid is a 100% natural, 100% pure Rice Bran Oil, known in the canine industry for being a high quality, nutritious energy source which contains Tocopherol, an effective and powerful antioxidant. Muscle Dog promotes muscle health, general wellbeing and also has beneficial effects on overall appearance. Ideal for show dogs, Muscle Dog can be used to achieve that winning look and yet is also perfectly suited to recuperating dogs. Muscle Dogs is often fed to young dogs to encourage optimal muscle health. Combine Muscle Dog with a regular daily exercise regime for best results.


MUSCLE DOG is a totally natural product made with highly concentrated rice bran oil. It should be fed to dogs to promote muscle development, physical well being and improve overall appearance. It is particularly recommended for show dogs to help build that winning look and dogs in recuperation that have lost condition. It can also help young dogs improve strength and muscular development..

Feeding Guidelines

  • Feed MUSCLE DOG once a day in your pets food.
  • Small Dogs (up to 5 kg): Feed 1 ml daily.
  • Medium Dogs (5 kg to 15 kg): Feed 2 ml daily.
  • Large Dogs (15 kg to 30 kg): Feed 3 ml daily.
  • Very Large Dogs (over 30 kg): Feed 4 ml daily.

For best results dogs need to be exercised on a daily basis.
A dosing pump which dispenses 1 ml and a measuring cup are enclosed in each pack

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