Mountain Horse Junior Richmond High Rider

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Three sizes in one! This is a quality boot children can grow into!

This stylish leather boot for kids comes with two removable insoles, each allowing the boot to 'expand' an extra half a foot size. This means that as a child's feet grow, you can take out one insole to provide an extra half a size, and then the other insole to take the boot up to one full size bigger. Children's feet usually expand faster than their legs, so this boot should last longer and work out better value for money in the long run.

Elastic laces at the instep not only allow for a lovely slim fit at the ankle, they also allow the foot to flex in the stirrup or as you're walking - making the Richmond much more comfortable than 'stiff' long boots. There's a full-length rear zip that makes fitting quick and easy.

Richmond Young High Rider features Mountain Horse's Stirrup Control System incorporated in the sole for superb grip and stability when combined with the SCS3 stirrup tread

Boots equipped with SCS3 Grip® can be used with all other conventional stirrups/treads on the market. When used with conventional treads, it will function safely and feel like any other riding boot. However, we recommended the use of SCS3 Grip® stirrup treads with the SCS3 Grip® boots to maximise performance of the system.

Please note: These are not allowed under Pony Club rules which state boots must have a 'smooth sole'

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