KEP Cromo Textile

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The ultra lightweight (~400g) KEP helmet is designed for the discerning rider.

The ventilation system is designed to keep the riders head dry and cool. The front vent is equipped with a central lever that can be moved from the bottom upwards allows the control of airflow. Under the front grill is an an additional layer of mesh which protects the head in case of penetration of external objects. Hot air generated by the temperature of the head exits at the back of the hat.
The visor is completely flexible to any avoid damage in the event of a fall.

The lining of the hat is easily changeable, meaning that a larger or smaller size can be created without the need to purchase a new hat. The lining is also machine washable for optimum hygiene.

A KEP protective and waterproof bag is supplied with every hat. It has two pockets thus is ideal for storing gloves or other accessories. A KEP microfibre cloth is also included for safe and effective cleaning of your KEP riding hat.

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