Horsewise Concentrated Shampoo


Horsewise Concentrated Shampoo is a healthy cleansing formula naturally balanced for horses coat and skin including tea tree oil.

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Horsewise Shampoo is a ph Balanced formulation that can gently remove dirt and grime to leave a horse gleaming. Emollients are designed to help repair hair and skin whilst eliminating risk of a dull, lack lustre coat. Also ideal to use for dry irritated skin and minor scratches.

Tea Tree is nature’s most penetrating oil. This all natural wonder has long been hailed in Australia as a powerful medium for soothing minor wounds and chafed or dry and irritated skin.

Building on this miraculous oil HORSEWISE create their formulations using only the finest ingredients. The result? Skin and coat for a champion horse.

The range of products that Lenrys produce ensure that you can keep your horses in tip-top condition all year round.

Dilute rate: 56ml to 4 litres of water.

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