Foal Aide Paste 30g

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Foal Aide Paste may help to nutritionally support healthy growth and development in foals.

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Buckeye Foal Aide Paste® Vitamin A, E, and D along with other vitamins and minerals supplement to be given to foals from one to three months of age. In a convenient to use syringe. Nutritionally supports rapid growth and development while the foal is growing, essential for foals at risk for or suffering from nutrition related developmental bone diseases.


  • Provides support for rapid growth and development while the foal is growing
  • Helps to ensure your foal receives essential vitamins and trace minerals
  • Antioxidants proven to help support immunity and aids in increasing the body's natural defenses
  • Helps to support your foal's muscle and bone development
  • Ability to supplement vitamins and minerals early on before problems may occur
  • Easy to use and less hassle to feed
3cc recommended per 100 lbs. of bodyweight per day. 
30cc oral syringe.
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