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A regular supply of sodium and calcium can limit the risk to muscle tension episodes in horses. Azodine supplies electrolytes particularly abundant in equine sweat: sodium, chloride and calcium.

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Composition in descending order of weight

40% calcium carbonate, sodium chloride 40%

Analytical constituents: Crude ash 85.8%, 18.7% Calcium, Sodium 15.7%, Moisture 6% Crude fiber 0.3%, Protein 0.3% , Crude fat 0.16%, Phosphorus 0.01%.

List of Additives (per kg)
Preservatives: Calcium Lactate (E327) 200 000 mg.

Own properties to the ingredients
Electrolyte balance, as well as interactions between the most important electrolytes, have an impact on muscle function of the horse. Thus, an imbalance or deficiency may disrupt muscle function in healthy horse.

Horses with muscle disturbances frequently have an imbalance in their electrolyte balance, resulting in hyperkalemia and / or hypocalcemia. It is likely that this imbalance in electrolytes intervene in the onset of the crisis, even as a worsening in horses prone to muscle problems repeatedly.

During a sporting effort, the horse loses a significant amount of electrolytes through sweating. While chlorine and sodium are electrolytes most massively eliminated, other key elements such as calcium and magnesium, are also eliminated. A regular intake of sodium and calcium is likely to limit the risk of developing muscle injury, especially in horses with a tendency to hypocalcemia and hyperkalemia.

Nutritional Value
Its composition, EQUISTRO AZODINE ® provides particularly abundant electrolytes in the sweat of the horse: sodium, chloride and calcium. Associated EQUISTRO EXCELL ® E and administered daily during muscle recovery, EQUISTRO ® AZODINE help to restore the balance of electrolytes.

Electrolytes muscle period.

Through its contributions chlorides, sodium and calcium, using EQUISTRO AZODINE ® is particularly recommended in combination with EQUISTRO EXCELL ® E to facilitate the re-employment of horses prone to muscle disturbances.

Feeding Instructions:

Administered in the diet or drinking water.

Recommended doses:

- Standard size horses: 50 g per day for a month (This time may be extended if necessary).

- Medium-sized horses and ponies: decrease dose by half


The formula EQUISTRO AZODINE ® contains no ingredients that could make positive anti-doping test.

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