Equine America Tye Gard


Equine America Tye Gard is a complementary supplement for horses designed to support muscle function as part of a balanced diet.

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Fast exercise produces lactic acid in the muscle and as a result, many horses suffer from muscle stiffness or cramps during, or after work, leaving the horses looking ‘tucked up’. Tye-Gard® contains highly absorbable human grade Vitamin E and Selenium, which are involved in the health of muscle tissue, allowing the muscle to work more effectively at full capacity. The recommended serving conforms to the EU limits for Selenium supplementation.

Use Tye-Gard® daily for horses in high levels of training or competition to ensure optimum muscle health.

Feeding Directions: For a 500kg horse; 30ml per day. Day before and morning of event: 60ml. Thereafter; 30ml per day.

Additives (per litre): Nutritional additives: Trace elements: Copper 1700mg (Copper (II) chelate of glycine hydrate (liquid) 3b414), Selenium 25mg (sodium selenite 3b801). Vitamins: Vitamin E (3a700) 33,333mg. Sensory additives: Glycine (2b17034) 33,300mg

Composition: Melon Pulp, Beetroot Powder, Calcium Gluconate.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein                9.0%
Crude Oil <1.0%
Sodium  <1.0%
Crude Fibre <1.0%
Crude Ash <1.0%
Moisture 71.5%

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