Blue Chip Liquid Garliq

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Blue Chip Garliq liquid is an easy to use garlic liquid which is often used as a natural fly repellent, anti-oxidant and respiratory supplement. 

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Blue Chip Liquid Garliq is a liquid form of garlic which is commonly fed to horses and ponies for its well-known medicinal properties, including being a natural fly repellent, powerful anti-oxidant and respiratory supplement; however it is widely only available as a powder or granule.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting
  • Better absorbed
  • Made with organic garlic

The benefits of feeding Garliq:

- Faster and better absorption. As a liquid Garliq is absorbed into the horse's bloodstream and transported around the body faster and more efficiently than a powdered or granulated form of garlic, ensuring that your horse gets the maximum benefit.

- Flies and insects. The sweat produced by horses fed Garliq has an odour that keeps flies and biting insects away.

- Antioxidants. Garliq is packed full of free-radical neutralising antioxidants.

- Respiration. Garliq helps to maintain healthy airways and supports lung integrity.

- Worming. Garliq has been shown to deter tapeworms, pinworms and roundworms, but this should not replace the use of regular wormers.

- Inflammation. Garliq contains substances which have anti-inflammatory properties.

*Sold in a convenient easy to use twin-neck 1 litre bottle, its concentrated formula will last over 2 months.

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