Bleed No More Paste


Equine America Bleed No More paste provides essential support to the lungs and blood vessels during strenuous exercise.

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Bleed No More Paste may improve performance by supporting the lungs and blood vessels for the optimal capacity required for strenuous work, whether in short bursts or over longer periods of time.

Why should you feed Bleed No More Paste?

  • Protect the vital respiratory and circulatory systems during strenous exercise
  • Horses or ponies in high levels of training.
  • Those at risk of EIPH – ‘bleeding’.


Arnica Montana and Cinchona Officinalis reduce pressure on the circulatory system which supports the respiratory tissues. This in turn will lower the risk of EIPH ‘bleeding’.

Feeding Directions:

Prior to competition as a ‘top up’ to the powder for maximum support.

Administer 15ml into the horses’s mouth on the back of the tongue six hours before the race and another 15ml three hours before the race. This 30ml Paste offers three x 10ml doses or 2 x 15ml doses.

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