For maximum freedom of movement, After Ace contains a powerful combination of herbs specifically developed to support and protect joints on a daily basis.

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Riding and jumping the horse can have a major impact on its wellbeing and lead to muscular-skeletal and stress disorders. When there are high levels of waste products in the body, the body becomes acidic, causing a gradual malfunction of the joint fluid. As a result, this can lead to the formation of calcium deposits.

Therefore, in order to help rejuvenate the joint fluid, it is important to cleanse the body of acids.

Taking a unique approach to such muscular-skeletal disorder, unlike other joint supplements After Ace does not contain chondroitin or glucosamine sulphate. Instead, the patented combination contains extracts of: Ilex, Fraxinus, Betula, and Urtica.

In order to support the cleansing of harmful toxins in and around the joints and muscles, these four herbs work together in a harmony, creating a collectively powerful reaction to purify, nourish and protect the body. As a result, the joints are once again able to enjoy more freedom of movement, generating greater suppleness.

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