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Wireless Horse Instruction System
€249.00 each
WHIS is a wireless one way system with a sender and a receiver that transmits instructions in studio quality up to 300 meters without delay, static or interference. WHIS is very small (6 x 4 x 1.5 cm) and weighs only 49 gram. WHIS can be attached to your pants or jacket with a clip, but because of its small size and minimal weight, it can easily be carried in your pocket. WHIS has no external antenna. The antenna is incorporated into the device. WHIS has a silicon cap to close the charging port. WHIS has a lithium battery good for 15 hours of continuous use. WHIS has a LCD screen for volume and channel choice and for the low battery indicator. . WHIS will be delivered with a two-port charger, input 100-240V, output DC5V 2.0A. UK and other type plugs can also be delivered on your request. WHIS uses the permit free frequency 863-865 MHz and can be used in all of Europe. ( A WHIS with other frequency can be made on your request ) WHIS has 13 channels. WHIS has a mute function. WHIS has CE (Conformité Européenne) and ROHS (no toxic substances) approval and is low voltage. WHIS can be used with multiple receivers for group lessons. WHIS is made from hardened plastic and comes in the colors glossy black and blue. WHIS can be delivered within a week in Europe. WHIS has 2 year factory guarantee.


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