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Vetrofen Sachets- PRICE FROM €4.70

Horse Size

Loading Day Serve Rate

Therapy Daily Serve Rate

Maintenance Daily Serve Rate

Small: <14 hands (143 cm) and <400 kilos

2 Sachets

1 Sachets

½ Sachets

Medium: 14−16 hands (143−163 cm) and 400−600 kilos

4 Sachets

2 Sachets

1 Sachets

Large: >16 hands (163 cm+) and 600 kilos or more

6 Sachets

3 Sachets

2 Sachets

Buy 1-3for €4.70 per sachet
Buy 4-49 for €4.09
Buy 50+ for €3.53

A loading serving may be required for up to 10 days; For best results, follow Loading serving with Therapy serving and Maintenance serving; Where practical, it is best to split servings between morning and evening feeds; Mix into feed well.


Each sachet of Vetrofen® contains 3.5g of fine powder to be mixed into feed.

Vetrofen® contains 100% natural ingredients.

Vetrofen® contains a proprietary blend of Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu plant extracts.


Vetrofen® should not be used in conjunction with:

NSAIDs, e.g. Phenylbutazone (Bute)
Any selective COX-2 inhibitors

as this will reduce the effectiveness of Vetrofen® and could lead to side effects.

Vetrofen® is for animal use only.

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